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The Serbian Slip N' Slide is when you're doing a girl from the back on a linoleum floor and as you're about to cum, you pull out and shoot your jizz in a perfect arc over her onto the floor in front of her. Then, you proceed to donkey punch her so she slides across the linoleum floor to the other side of the room.
Dan - How'd Lindsey break her hip?
Chris - Oh, well I gave her the ole Serbian Slip N' Slide last night.
by Beat_The_Peters December 10, 2010
1. When you are doing a chick from behind on a linoleum floor, as you about to cum, pull out and jizz in an arch over her onto the floor in front of her. After doing so, immediately push her down and into the jizz, effective creating a jizz and linoleum Slip N' Slide.

2. The best real life application of your childhood memories.
1. "Dude, I finally accomplished the Serbian Slip N' Slide and she hit her forehead on the door."

2. "Last night I was doing a Serbian Slip N' Slide and she slid across the kitchen floor into my roommates' room."
by Some Serbian Guy December 10, 2010
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