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Is the sweetest man you'll ever meet! He is uber hilarious, crazy as fuck, extremely smart, very hot and an amazing boyfriend. He is always there for you when you need him, and he is a very promiscuous little boy. He likes to joke around a lot, but don't mistake that for him not taking things seriously; he will kick ass if he needs to. He loves his girlfriend very much, and would do anything for her love. He likes potatoes and cheezits. He has a big D also. He is a non-conformist and a deist. He is very mexicore. Senobio is the type of guy you meet and never forget. He is a loyal friend ,and has a gentle heart. He is very kind , respectful towards others and is a true gentleman. He kisses by the book and is extremely romantic. He is the most wonderful man in the world, and I love him!
Slut #1 "Oh, who's that hot guy?"
Bianca"Bitch please, that's my man."
Slut#2 "You're so lucky to have him!"
Bianca " Damn right I am." *kisses Senobio* "Let's go my liebe."
Slut#1 "God I hate her."
Senobio "Bitch please, I'm deist so GTFO!"
*Senobio and Bianca leave holding hands*
by Bianca Towerz December 03, 2013
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