The act of a person strapping on a dildo and butt fucking a man who’s penis is tucked between his legs.
Zach frolicked up to Amanda with his penis between his legs and asked her to senja him all night long.
by L Bum Dork August 11, 2004
Top Definition
A thin boy with hairy legs. Often inferior to Kieran's.
Boy1: Look at that thin boy with hairy legs.
Boy2: Thats a Senja.
Girl: He's totally inferior to Kieran's.
by TakeThatSenja May 03, 2011
A term used for a very attractive young male with great manly features. Usually the most attractive person wherever they go. They never give a fuck either. In bed, they're considered kings of the jungle.
Fridend: Did you hear about that guy who did a triple front-flip off the empire state building and then went on to fuck that super attractive girl while her parents were in the house?

You: Yeah broseph, he's such a Senja.
by Mr.Amazing. June 05, 2010

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