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Much like Senioritis but worse.

The Infected will be way to tired to come to school on time, or at all. Fail to give a shit about anything and repeat the phrases "Im done giving a shit" and "I couldnt care less"

The Infected will find ways to cheat the school system for the last two weeks of their High School career by looking for the answer keys to the work in a class. After finding the keys still not caring enough to print it off to get that much looked after A.

The Infected may also find themselves in trouble with the Administration after they are caught cheating, this may result in suspension or expulsion.

Senior Syndrome is Deadly and usually starts to spread 2 - 4 weeks before the end of the School Year.
Tim: Wow dude I found the Answer Keys to all of the Projects!
Ryan: No way dude!! thats the pwnz0r. Lemme get that
Pete: (Forgets to change parts of the work, hands it in, and gets caught) Tim and Ryan also have the work, im a rat
Tim: Man I dont even care anymore, I got that Senior Syndrome.
by Tim Neumann May 08, 2007
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