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Those several moments of temporary paralysis just after you realize you just sent the filthiest joke / dirtiest pictures / inappropriate comment / via any electronic method, to the one person you would never want to.
Example A:

You: Looking at "Hot Bubbles.wmv" "That's hilarious, I'll send that to Bob"


You sit there with your mouth open realizing you just sent it to Bob your BOSS, not your cool friend Bob.

You're screwed. You are a victim of Sender Paralysis (via IM / Email or Text). You can't move or speak.

Example B:

You: "Hi Mom yeah we had great weekend at the beach; I'll send some pictures, luv ya, bye."

You scroll through your phone and select a few shots and....
you realize you just sent a picture of yourself pleasing your boyfriend on the ride home while while he's driving.

The look on your face frozen in terror is Sender Paralysis.

Usually subsides after a week of shame and humiliation. Take two laughing coworkers, a healthy dose of guilt from your Mom and call your shrink.
by jbcrazy88 April 02, 2010

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