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When someone advocates a piece of legislation purely because it benefits their own personal situation. Those who take part in this often do so without looking at the big picture, that is, seeing how the legislation would affect everyone as apposed to just themselves.
Guy 1"Man I love Obamacare! I can't afford health care and now I get it for free? what a great deal I'm in!" (selfish politics)

Guy 2 "But the government would have to impose a tax for that service thus causing people who can afford health care like me to pay for people like yours who couldn't before! Not to mention that tax would not come up with enough revenue for the government to be able to spend on everyone's health care and the country would go broke! To avoid this the government would have to specifically choose who to give the limited health care to? So you probably won't get any. What then?"

Guy 1 " who cares? I still get free health care!"
by Moonshine Billy April 14, 2012

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