The act of expelling yourself from the land you reside.
Mitty Romney supports Self deportation.
by Suxbawlz January 23, 2012
Top Definition
A curiously Republican concept in which people in the U.S. will voluntarily leave the country. Originally coined in 1994 by Daniel D. Portado as a sarcastic protest to California Proposition 187 (anti-immigration proposition) and re-introduced by Mitt Romney in 2012 during a Republican Presidential debate but completely missing the sarcasm.
1) Romney said his Administration would not round up illegal immigrants and deport them but they would have to leave the country to apply for citizenship so they would leave by self-deportation, i.e. self-deport.

2) Republicans and conservatives keep telling us that if tax rates go up, the super-rich will self-deport to European socialist countries with lower tax rates.
by Hobbs_fan February 03, 2012
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