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1. (noun) Similar to a Pocket Slut, a selective slut, acts slutty, sexually uninhibited, and loose, but only to entice the guys she's attracted to. She'll wear tight clothes, talk and act skanky, and dance like a ho, trying to get attention, but gets offended when guys she's not interested in (ugly guys) hit on her as well. A selective slut apparently doesn't understand that her actions effect all guys, not just the ones she's interested in. When a hot guy takes notice of her, he's being "responsive to her sex appeal". When an ugly guy takes notice of her, he's a "leering pervert".

2.(verb) A girl "selective sluts" a man when she acts overtly sexual towards him, but turns off her charms as soon as someone else is watching... usually.
1. Phil: "I tried hitting on that girl in the red, the one with the skirt so short her panties are showing, and she told me to fuck off, all bitchy and shit. Damn!"
Craig: "Yeah. She's a selective slut that one. If you were tall dark and handsome with a flashy car, she'd be all over you."

2. Janie: "I was tryna to selective slut that hot guy from Automotive, all bending over, stretching, and moaning and shit in the break room, but fuckin' Eddie from plumbing kept coming in and interuppting!"
Danielle: "Shitty! But who cares what Eddie thinks. Just keep going next time."
Janie: "I don't want Eddie hitting on me! He's gross!"
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A loose party girl who isn't interested in sleeping with you.
Girl 1: "Are you going to go back to his place?"
Girl 2: "Nah, I'm going to be a selective slut and just go home. I'm not really feeling it with him."
by KNo14 November 29, 2010

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