the noise when something random is done eg something is grabbed, thrown or jacked.
dan just grabbed my pen and said seh!
by holli catford April 02, 2006
Top Definition
A curse; a sign of disdain or disbelief. Can be used to replace several other curses.

Can be used as a question about understanding something or doubting the integrity of something.
Seh?! Why should I do that?
by Akumdara January 10, 2011
(of an individual) sexy, cool, handsome

(of a state of mind) at ease, cool, calm, composed
Wow, look at that candid photo of Eliseus he is so seh.

In times of adversity it helps to remain seh about things.
by someone embodying seh August 28, 2009
a short word for settle as in settle down, or settle grettle
seh, like you guys really have to do that.


seh, too dumb.
by tamiiiiie March 26, 2008
just another word for sex.
"We had such hot seh last night"
by anna January 10, 2005
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