The epitome of failure.

Usually associated with; unsuccessfulness, long-term impoverishment, and below average physical appearance and mental capacity.

Individuals possesing seehornesque traits may show several of the following traits; having little motivation aside from waking to breathe on a daily basis, poor general hygiene, low self esteem, exhibit sloth-like behavior, and generally fail at life.
Bill: "Jesus christ Dave, what the hell happened in there? There is no way we're going to close that deal after a presentation like that."

Dave: "Bill I'm sorry."

Bill: "Save it. I don't even want to look at you, you've turned into a mess recently."

Dave: "Look, I know I seehorned it big timeback there. I haven't felt like myself lately."

Bill: "Well go home and think about. Come back on Monday a new man and let's hope for the best on this deal."

Dave: "You're right. I think I'm going to go home, eat some ritz crackers smeared with toothpaste, move my belly to the side and attempt to masturbate but ultimately fail, pass out in a pool of my own waste, and hopefully get this out of my system."

Bill: "Fuck man, you're a seehorn"
by TheTruthDeptartment April 09, 2010
Top Definition
One who is on the receiving end of rumors involving having STDs (Primarily Syphilis) , and/or having been violently anally intruded resulting in blood.

Oh man, that micah(a guy whose douchey-ness is beyond comprehension) got SEEHORNED!
by David V. January 05, 2007
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