a shone who leaves something behind in your bed so a. she has a reason to see you again, or b. to piss off another girl that sleeps ova another night
ait so a shone spends the night, takes off her earrings or some piece of jewelry and leaves them somewhere (ie: in the sheets/bedside table. the next night your other girl comes ova and finds the jewelry and is like wtf? the seed-planter being the first girl that fucked you ova.
by crazy t October 15, 2008
Top Definition
A slut, who most likely has a boyfriend, who goes around strategically flirting with guys on the down low, thus planting seeds in the case that shit goes bad in the current relationship. They may occasionally have a random hookup which always ends with blue balls. Girls who take part are usually a 7+ out of 10. Traits: deceptive, misleading, lots of excuses, generally loose.
"Man, I was proper blue balled last night, turns out she was just a seedplanter."
by BeerForBreakfast February 11, 2007
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