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The act of cumming on your sexual partners tee shirt. This usually is performed during a quickie, whilst the female is partially or fully dressed, and when no protection is used.
Guy 1: Dude! I was fucking my girl in her driveway last night at 9 pm. She was wearing really short shorts so i just pulled that shit to the side and went to town! She wrapped her legs around me, put her feet on my calves and her ass against her BMW. I didn't have a condom, and she isn't on birth control yet, so when i knew i was gonna come, I pulled out and sprayed my whole load on her Hollister shirt. Those shits cost like 40 bucks.

Guy 2: Wow, you totally Seed Teed that hoe.

Guy 1:Yeah, and the best part is she had to walk back inside past her parents to change. I bet my boys were shining bright under all that lighting in her fucking kitchen.
by rosszUSAfiu November 10, 2009
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