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An exclamation used when something's gone mildly wrong - based on the idea that Homer Simpson works in Sector 7-G at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and is always causing crises.
Colleague one: Sector 7-G!

Colleague two: What!? What!?

Colleague one: Dude, I totally just accidentally forwarded all that scathing correspondence to that arsehole in sales.
by Ryan Paine April 06, 2008
Used to describe a location where operations rarely go according to plan.

The Simpsons - Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Homer Simpson is head of Sector 7-G, the plant safety division.
The hotel in 'Faulty Towers' could be discribed as Sector 7-G

My house could be discribed as Sector 7-G, as cleaning operations never get done when they should.

The company i work for could be discribed as Sector 7-G etc.

"I work in Sector 7-G of *company name*"
by smackthepony June 18, 2010
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