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Spikes hair , or gels it

wears baggy pants , or baggy cargos (not gangsta baggy)
wear normal t shirts some just plain , others that arent skater related in anyway.
are a clique ( like juggalos , emos , skaters , gangsters)
wear casual plain clothing but still looks cool

Hate skater clothing ( skinny jeans , element , stores like tillys or zumiez)

a very cool style , nu metal look , or rap rock look .
dont outgrow their hair like skaters and emos or justin bieber

kind of like school linkin park , sum41 ,limp bizkit , good charlotte , simple plan( early 2000s)
Sectonic Style :

Ron : hey did you see those sectonic kids ?

Yorke : yeah theyre so cool !

Ron : different from all the other faggots like these damn skater kids with skinny jeans up their ass and slim fit tees pushing their torse in like theyre being hugged by a big bear !
by qwerty450 April 02, 2011
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