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*Secret word*, *Secret wording* or *Secret worded*.
The first meaning of these words was based on the word Jizz but made for open use so the true meaning was to stay hidden from public use such as... Parents, friends or just about anyone that would say Lolz or Gay at you for the use of what the word was on.

But later became a word for more then what it was first was used for. Now it is also used to describe moments of intense joy, excitement or pleasure for the eyes ect. With the same strong meaning.
Person 1 "Did you see that insane shit in that video I sent you?"

Person 2 "Yeah man! I *secret worded* as soon as I saw it."

Person 1 "I was *secret wording* all through that video."
by Co1dfire October 03, 2010
when bored you look up urban dictionary and search secret word then log in and make a meaning...
Secret word...
by pseudonym qwerty December 01, 2014
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