Used as a verb when a clueless asshat gun owner leaves loaded guns lying around and someone, usually a kid, picks it up thinking it's a toy, and shoots an innocent person, often another kid.
Little Tommy Second Amendmented his younger sister, sending her to the hospital.

"A toddler Second Amendments mother’s leg while playing with a gun." ~ Freak Out Nation
by Bugsz December 14, 2013
A needed impetmus for population control.
People who argue for limiting the Second Amendment obviously do not get the entertainment value of watching two rednecks duking it out.
by draconlord November 24, 2010
The amendment that is giving you the right to keep your assault weapons in the glove compartment of your car, or your pickup if you live in texas.

I don't dial 911. I call it on .357

(I know that a .357 isn't an assault weapon.)
by eth0 December 15, 2004
What it is:

The right to own firearms (originally created with single shot muskets in mind, not 30 round assault rifles), as stated by the U.S. Constitution.

What Republicans think it is:

The absolute, God-given right to own any type or amount of firepower, up to and including nuclear weapons, and the right to gun people down in the streets for looking at you funny. Also, more important than the rest of the Constitution and the Bible put together.
Obama doesn't realize that the Second Amendment gives me the right to carry rocket launchers, flamethrowers, Covenant fuel rod guns, and multiple AK-47s with extended clips in public. That's why I vote Tea Party.
by rtv0587 February 07, 2011
The second amendment to the constitution, on the bill of rights. has been horribly raped and misinterpreted by many rednecks, who use it to keep assault rifles under their pillows.
In reality, the reason that we have the "right to bear arms" is that in the days of the constitution's writing, there was no official military, just militias(armies made of citizens, similar to a volenteer fire department, so the normal people needed to have weapons at hand.
Also, its because of his that it is so easy to obtain guns, the reason that there are so many school shootings.
Person 1: "Bill and Randy have nothing better to do, so they sit on their porch with their guns and threaten people."
Person 2: "that should so be illegal"
Person 1: "Yeah, but they keep shouting about their second amendment rights. its too bad that our nation is so broken that even crazy laws like that can't get repealed."
by Zolform April 25, 2009
The start and end of the Republican constitution.
by Funker_joe January 17, 2005
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