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Slightly lighter than royal blue with a twist, soon to be a proud member of the Dulux colour chart! Tell your friends!
Edwin: "Holy Moses, the sky had turned a wonderful seahorse blue! ITS THE RETURN OF THE DINOSAURS NOOOO"

George: "Sweet."

Marvin: "Remember that one time TWO Citroens were the same model and BOTH were SEAHORSE BLUE!? Fanfriggingtastic"

Godfrey: "I like trains."

Hugh: "Hello, my name is Hugh Jass and my favorite colour is seahorse blue"

Mike: "..."

Twatface: "So I says to Bill..."
by handydoubleuu March 03, 2011
A very specific (and rubbish) shade of rusted blue, often used to insult pre-90s cars.
A: See that Peugot 106? Havnt seen one of them in years!
B: Yeah, its even turned a nice shade of Seahorse Blue
by jimmythedove April 05, 2011
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