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1-Someone who believes that NFC Championships are just as valuable as Superbowl wins.
2-Someone who explains losses by claiming that their team has to play the refs in addition to the opposing team.
3-Someone from Kent who when given the team color choices of blue, white, and neon green, chooses to wear the neon green...Also, likely overweight.
4-Someone who wants the ball and is going to score.
5-Someone who believes that the reason the Seahawks weren't good in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 is because Matt Hasselbeck got hurt.
6-Someone who listens to, respects, and believes Softy Mahler is logical.
7-Someone who doesn't care about statistics.
8-Someone who gets more excited about false starts than touchdowns.
9-Someone who loses.
10-Someone who doesn't think there's any reason why the Seahawks don't go 14-2 this season.
11-Someone who has a selective memory that spans the years 2003-2007.
12-Someone who thinks they came up with the term "12th man" despite Texas A&M coining the term 55 years before Seattle had a football team.
13-Someone who calls Shaun Alexander a bum while wearing a #37 jersey.
14-Someone who refers to their players strictly by their first names.

ex)Matthew, Lofa, Julius...
Seahawk fan-"We would have gone 14 and 2 if only Matthew didn't get injured."

Good Fan-"Arg, you're a real Seahawks Fan aren't you?"
Seahawk Fan-"We would've won if it was 11 on 11... since they had the refs, it was 12 on 11."

Good Fan-"That Seahawk Fan won't stop complaining about Superbowl XL."
Seahawk Fan-"Yeah! False start! Seahawk Fans strike again!"

Other Seahawk Fan-"We are totally the 12th man!"
by heyyyo! September 22, 2009