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1) n. A species of hairless mammal indigenous to central North Carolina. A relative of the Sea Lion, the Sea Brian is comfortable in shallow waters where it propels itself slowly about on its forward limbs. Other activities include throwing foam footballs, drinking beers, and doing sit-ups when sexy chicks are walking around. The Sea Brian is identified by its pale skin and wayfarer sunglasses. The Sea Brian only emerges during warmer seasons, hibernating in seclusion for most of the year.

2) v. To exhibit behavior typical of the Sea Brian.
The scattered Coors Light cans and faint scent of SPF 85 sunscreen in the air indicated Sea Brians had been in the area just moments before.

A chill hung in the air and the sky was overcast; clearly conditions were not favorable for Sea Brianing.
by Slayboy November 21, 2010
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