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Noun: A foul sandwich made by having a prostitute or other unsavory character shit on a hot cross bun, which is then eaten by the participant who gets sexual gratification.

Verb: To undertake the production or consumption of a Scumbert Cross.

Where 'Scumbert' is a merging of two words: 'Scummy' and 'Herbert', Herbert being a standard name that is also used to refer to a dull, shy or sexually deviant individual.
'Nobody knew him that well, but they found out he was a sexual deviant. He'd ask the working girls to give him a Scumbert Cross. And he loved it, too!'

'One night, two old scatters were at home. The woman went to use the bathroom but seeing there was no toilet paper, was a little shocked to see her partner standing in the doorway holding a pack of hot cross buns. Use these, he said. But don't throw them out. She smiled back at him and made sure she covered the whole bun.'
by treebag86 September 24, 2013
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