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An abundance of PLUR may result in a series of raver vital limb and organ scuffings from elitist cult following's of the Anti-Plur.

If you want to avoid being scuffed up you piddly, piss-weak, MD Dick, raver cunts. Then stay home and suck ya thumbs.

P.S I am a raver so be warned, and don't ever ask me for a fuckin flipper!
"Scuff Da RAVERS!!!!"
"Come here you drug-fucked runts i'm gonna scuff ya cunts/scuff ya nuts."

"Oh shit, were fucked these anti-plur gods are going to royally scuff us!"
"Run for your lives. Aaaarrggghhh!!!!"
by Scuff GOD #1 - Scuff U All October 30, 2004
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