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A genre of music. It consists of crunk beats and screamo vocals.
Scrunk music is amazing!
by Joseph Moore July 10, 2008
A hidious fat girl who you have sex with while intoxicated.
Man I can't believe i woke up next to that scrunk this morning.
by CSckeez September 10, 2009
scholarly while drunk.
1. the scrunk class of 2008. DON'T HATE! ;)

2. man i was so scrunk last night.

3. i totally passed that test while i was scrunk!

4. DAMN, that girl last night was fucking scrunkkkk.

5. i was past wasted last night, i was fucking scruuuuunk.
by Sarah, Taylor, & Danielle August 15, 2007
So drunk, beyond drunk, out your body tore up off of liquor/beer/wine.
I went out last night, and GIIIRRRRLLL... lemme tell you, I was out of there, I mean, I was scrunk as hell.
by Tiffisfoxy May 10, 2006
Combination of stupid drunk and crunk: stupid + crunk = scrunk.

The act of being stupidly crunk.

Kyle and Katie went to a part last night and got really scrunk.
by Nallatc March 21, 2009
the act of discharging fecal matter while highly intoxicated.
Rex took a serious scrunk on his neighbors doorstep and dipped the fuck out.
by Christian Troy August 09, 2007
Geek version of Crunk. Silly Crazy Drunk
I'm gonna get scrunk tonight and run around naked.
by PYDC December 22, 2006
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