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Geek version of Crunk. Silly Crazy Drunk
I'm gonna get scrunk tonight and run around naked.
by PYDC December 22, 2006
A genre of music. It consists of crunk beats and screamo vocals.
Scrunk music is amazing!
by Joseph Moore July 10, 2008
A hidious fat girl who you have sex with while intoxicated.
Man I can't believe i woke up next to that scrunk this morning.
by CSckeez September 10, 2009
scholarly while drunk.
1. the scrunk class of 2008. DON'T HATE! ;)

2. man i was so scrunk last night.

3. i totally passed that test while i was scrunk!

4. DAMN, that girl last night was fucking scrunkkkk.

5. i was past wasted last night, i was fucking scruuuuunk.
by Sarah, Taylor, & Danielle August 15, 2007
So drunk, beyond drunk, out your body tore up off of liquor/beer/wine.
I went out last night, and GIIIRRRRLLL... lemme tell you, I was out of there, I mean, I was scrunk as hell.
by Tiffisfoxy May 10, 2006
Combination of stupid drunk and crunk: stupid + crunk = scrunk.

The act of being stupidly crunk.

Kyle and Katie went to a part last night and got really scrunk.
by Nallatc March 21, 2009
the act of discharging fecal matter while highly intoxicated.
Rex took a serious scrunk on his neighbors doorstep and dipped the fuck out.
by Christian Troy August 09, 2007