An Idiot, Fag Or Douchebag With No Skills Whatsoever.
Mark, that Scrubber-Ducky? I beast him out in Halo 3 all the time!
by Ocicello August 21, 2008
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Top Definition
A person with no skill, a bad kid. Somebody who runs around with an AR the whole game and gets no head shot's . A kid who thinks he's tough on a microphone over xbox live but in real life would not say a word to you. Someone who genuinely believes they are good at a video game when in truth their talent lies behind bad connections.
(1) Ryan is a scrubber ducky, he thinks he is a beast on all games when really he is only good at Halo 3.

(2) Joe thinks he is a beast at Halo 1 when he's really just a scrubber ducky.

(4) Zac beats scrubber ducky's in Social Slayer and thinks he is beast, when really he is just as much of a scrubber ducky as them.

(5) Steve gets beasted on in Halo 1 by Joe like a scrubber ducky
by Joe Ya Funkin Knoow August 31, 2008

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