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To perform the Scrotum Slammer you need a screw driver and you shove it up your partners( preferably males ) scrotum which will cause an uncontrollable orgasm. It may last 2 - 3 hours depending on the type of screw drivers.
Oh my gosh last night my boyfriend gave me a scrotum slammer with a flat head and i had an orgasm for 3 hours, and then i fucked your masha.
#philips head #flat head #orgasm #scrotum slammed #pile driver
by pau-weezy and B'eans April 07, 2009
A male who feverishly "slams" scrotums in his mouth.

Similar to a fag, or homo
"Chris shut the fuck up you scrotum slammer!!"
#fag #scrotum #balls #homo #queer #fairy
by iitswhereitsat June 12, 2006
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