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Porn star Son of the hard working Draggons His Baggins, cousin of well known Frodo Baggins and his lesser known brother Douche Baggins. Grand son of old Saggins and Blue Baggins. Generally known as the black sheep of the afluente Baggins family of the Shire. Married to wife and fellow porn start Cum Baggins and father of Shit and Brown Baggins. His Great Uncles Colostomy and Tenpoundsofshitinafivepound Baggins fought in the war of five armies where one of them sustained life altering injuries. Scroto was introduced to the porn industy by his his grandmother Blue "Ball" Baggins. She did not do well in the industry early on but had a succesful career late in life when she went by the stage name "Under Eye Baggins". Scroto found married life tedious and unfulfilling. He devorced Cum and became involved in gay porn. He Hired Douche Baggins as his manager and went by the stage name Scroto "The Hand" Baggins. He died of Elephantitis when his sack became infected while filming "Ass Baggins the Butt Pirate".
I'm drunk. Scroto Baggins
by strong dynamics September 16, 2009
When two guys are together, guy 1 tucks his sack back between his legs, while guy 2 sucks his sack and nose fucks his anus
Roger was giving Thomas the Scroto Baggins, when Thomas farted and it smelled like noodles.
by Gayfer10 October 11, 2007
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