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The Second memeber of the crunkiest crew CFL If u eva need scrillz of this niga he will drop it for u. But u betta pay him back casue he can drop bombz.

Also he gets all the chicks man. Well known and love by alot of people.

He keeps it Crunk.
Hey man did u go to da club last nite. Scrilla was there man and he was buyin out that bar. Shit that dude has money.
Scrilla is the King

I wanna be part of the CFL you rekon Scrilla will allow me 2 Join?
by Scrilla aka Scrillz March 04, 2005
7 44
money,paper,fetti,chedda, phrase coined by E-40
doin dirt fo tha scrilla maine"
by B sneaky January 24, 2004
1501 317
a word used in place of Money or currency.
Excuse me sir, could I place this scrilla in the bank?
by DjConQueso February 04, 2005
927 282
cash money
Youre rollin in da scrilla, g!
by Yebeka December 19, 1999
569 228
A girl's only got eyes for the scrilla.
by élan July 29, 2003
327 161
Paper, Money. derived from the word scroll, which is how paper used to be used was on a scroll. scroll became scrill, then scrilla.
Yo, i need some work, gotta get that scrilla.
by gmoney January 19, 2004
353 221
Money, loot
yo get that scrilla son
by AC February 05, 2004
177 89
Money, One who spends a lot of money
"Yo, shes got mad scrilla, we're gonna rock the mall later."

"Scrilla in Manila, shlong in Hong Kong"
by studtaco February 25, 2003
225 184