When one takes a pen, trys to write but it does not work. so they take the pen and go to a scrap sheet of paper, or at the top/bottom of the page, and do a scribble, to get the ink flowing. The mark that they make is known as a scren (scribble + pen).
Person 1: Here, please sign this check.
Person 2: *trys to sign, but doesn't work* Oh god, *sweats* *goes to random sheet of paper and creates a scren* *signs document* here you go.
Person 1: Thanks, bye.
by m^c May 12, 2009
Top Definition
A word for "food" particularly used in Elgin, Scotland.
Person 1: Gan doon tae eh natural fir some aye deel scren?
Person: Fukn right, majic scren lyk.
Definitions might vary, but this term was originally the word to shout when people get in your way, or are being generally annoying.
sk8er: omg this stupid scren on a bmx got in the way of me, what and idiot
anon: arrgh stop stealing my pencils you scren
by kashmere September 30, 2007
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