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1. Two antagonists from the 1993 cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. The pair, Scratch: a robotic chicken with the most grating laugh, and Grounder: a talking green tank/ drill-thing with a billion accesories, a real dumbass. These dumbfucks were Robotniks Henchmen, and often failed and easly tricked.

2. A pair of assholes that never go away. Usually, one is a jock,and the other is short and fat. Also tend to be pissed off retards.
1. Scratch: who says chickens aren't smart? I just outfoxed a fox!

2. Grounder: i have more accessories!

3. man1:Look, it's Scratch and Grounder!
. man2: dicks
by pinasbop October 09, 2009
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