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Someone who make forgeries or copies the work of others.
"rob granito is scrape goat and their trying to ruin his life!" Dave Call (www.conventionfansblog.com).

A forgers "find an unimportant but sufficiently old painting and either paint over it, or dissolve and scrape away the old painting." Denis Dutton (www.denisdutton.com)
by Duggy1138 April 01, 2011
scrape- to intrude on someone else's private conversation when they are not wanted. If someone is known to 'scrape' often and does it many times they become known as a scrapegoat. Therefore when that person tries to start conversation with a group of people, without actually scraping somebody will tell them they should "scrape out". This mean that anytime the person known as a scrapegoat they are 'scraping even though they might not be, its just everybody takes joy in calling them a scrape.
"hey everyone, what were you talking about"

"scrape out you scrapegoat"
by joel edmonds September 29, 2009