When you send someone a text message "1" letter at a time to form a sentence vertically like scrabble. You turn 1 text message into 20+!! Best opportunity for success is when their sleeping or you know they aren't near their iPhone.

Emotions might include: Feeling special, afraid, anxious, or confused.
EXAMPLE: Dave (waking up hungover):

"Dude…...Frankie just sent me 22 text messages, what did I do last night??" looks at text message Awwww whatta dick, it's just a scrabble text!!

EXAMPLE: Female you meet night before at a bar (on her lunch break from work next day):
"WTH, just meet this guy last night and he's blowing up my phone. This fool is psycho, he just sent me 16 text messages?!?" looks at text message……Damn, I just got scrabble text!
by Mr. Toma May 02, 2014

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