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A totally awesome band for the UK who gave us catchy tunes like Shes So Lovely and Elvis Ain't Dead. They humour the 4th member of their band (the fans) with SFGtv. Buy their album! AMAZING LIVE TOO
I just downloaded the Scouting For Girls album (Everybody Wants to Be on TV) by Scouting For Girls what an awesome album! I'm so glad I didn't download a virus!
by TheAboveGuyStinks April 24, 2010
An overated band from the UK who tortured us with music such as 'Shes so lovely' and 'Elvis aint Dead'. The band has a repetitive style and tries to be funny. The band members are abnormally ugly.
I just downloaded the scouting for girls album by scouting for girls what a pile of unimaginably untalented shit id rather have downloaded a virus
by Allankey July 17, 2008

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