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Originally the "scotch couch" wherein one drank scotch on a certain couch. then in drunken mumblings became scoutch. then decided to make it a drink. Pour 2 parts baileys irish creme into a glass. then float one part scotch on top. irish creme is used because the original couch was white. therefore floating scotch on the couch for drinking
hey ben, i want a scoutch.
by boomshalaka October 08, 2010
Performing the action of sitting on the couch and drinking scotch
I'm going to scoutch it tonight.
by Biggus Panniculus November 19, 2009
a small amount; another way to say a "little bit"
It's just a scoutch windy out.
by joquanna September 20, 2006

To hover right above a flat surface
Check out that frisbee, it is scoutching the floor!
by StraboT January 16, 2007