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Scout 810college
The third generation of the 20th century's International Harvester civilian and military utility vehicle. An "International Light Line Truck" built between only during the end of the 1971 fiscal year.
The Scout 810 is not easily spotted these days but as well as any IH, if you know what you're looking for, they will stick out.

"No, it's not a Blazer, Bronco or Ram, the 304 doesn't have anything to do with AMC or GM and International not only built them, as well as all the rest of the Light Line Trucks, but they mined their own coal to heat the steel, had their own steel mills to make the steel & factories to make their own parts, so why would they need help from anything more than their own employees?

You will however find an IH logo cast into some MOPAR heads made toward the end of the war, where IH's coal & steel industry wasn't hurting, so they helped out another US company."
by AmerIHCan May 08, 2010
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