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Every modern society will eventually create zombies and end itself in a fiery, brain-eating apocalypse.
Why are you experimenting with super soldiers. Don't you remember Scott's Law?
#scott #law #zombie #apocalypse #brain
by Blevins February 09, 2010
1 Word related to Scott's Law
A direct correlation between the length of the Biffins Bridge (area between vag and butthole (see also, Derek's Ditch)), and the size of a woman's feet.
My god, she's got size 14 feet. According to Scott's Law, Her biffins bridge must be so long, her asshole will be between her shoulder blades and her fanny just under her tits.
#biffins bridge #gooch #stench trench #taint #smell center
by Ivory tusk April 28, 2013
Scott's Law:
By Scott Hurst
On the internet and TV at least, there is a strong inverse correlation between religious fervor and honesty.
When someone lies to convince you of his/her beliefs you could say: I call Scott's Law
#scott's #law #hurst #honesty #religion
by exxtian August 23, 2010
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