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SCOTT E. LEEMON, a member of the New York State Bar since 1996, has been a criminal defense attorney for over a decade. Mr. Leemon practices primarily in the federal and state courts of New York. Though a member of the bar of the state of New York, Mr. Leemon has handled both federal and state cases throughout the country. Mr. Leemon’s practice has taken him to such other locales as California, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Illinois and New Jersey. Additionally, Mr. Leemon has been featured as an expert on several shows on COURT TV, including, Best Defense with Jami Floyd and The Catherine Crier Show. Furthermore, Mr. Leemon has been a regular on the WPPR-FM 105.1 Morning Show and COURT TV Radio’s Morning with Vinnie Politan.

While the practice primarily focuses on complex criminal defense at pre-trial and trial level, appeals and petitions for post-conviction relief are also handled in a very professional, competent and timely manner.

Mr. Leemon has handled many matters involving allegations of: Murder; Racketeering; Money Laundering; Narcotics Trafficking and Possession; Tax Offenses; Internet, Stock and Insurance Fraud; Insider Trading, Custom violations, Gambling offenses; Assaults; and many other crimes. In addition, Mr. Leemon has vast experience with criminal forfeiture issues and sentencing advocacy under the, now advisory, federal sentencing guidelines.

In particular, Mr. Leemon specializes in handling matters in the public limelight. He has handled a wide array of matters that were followed by the local, national and international press. Specifically, for the last several years, Mr. Leemon has represented many members of the entertainment and sports industry facing serious criminal allegations. Some of these allegations were formal and some where in the early investigative stages, that ultimately did not lead to charges nor public disclosure.

Mr. Leemon has become the ‘go to guy’ in the rap industry when you are in legal trouble. He has spearheaded the successful criminal defense of many members of the Rap Community in New York, California and throughout the country. He has been featured in XXL Magazine several times, and continues to represent well-known members of the music community.

Early in his career, Mr. Leemon’s experience representing high profile clients began with his representation of alleged high ranking members of organized crime. These matters allowed Mr. Leemon to learn, and focus his skills, against seasoned federal prosecutors. These cases gave Mr. Leemon the experience to deal with all types of cases and he realizes, no case is too big.

Mr. Leemon may be reached at

Additionally Over the last twenty years, some of hip hop's elite have become very familiar with the United States justice system. Over the last ten of those years, criminal defense attorney Scott Leemon has become a central figure in this process representing the likes of 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and Young Jeezy along with other notables such as Carmine Agnello, Victoria Gotti's ex-husband, and Ralph Cuomo, the original "Ray" of "Ray's Pizza." Leemon practices primarily in the federal and state courts of New York, but has handled cases throughout the country, specializing in public cases followed by the national and international press.
Im ridin filthy in the Beamer
Cause i can have Leemon or Colina bring it to a misdemeanor. -Lloyd Banks (Changes)

Just my vest, and my semi, in the back, of the Bentley
Enage, a mirage, see I'm there, then I'm gone
Cause my lawyers are strong and my money is long
So when I'm right I'm right, and when I'm wrong I'm right
I hit your ass up right, nigga it's nighty-night -50 Cent

Scott Leemon
by the best of the best of the December 26, 2008
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