Originally invented in the dirty 30's by Jacques Cousteau, and manipulated for personal use in the late 90's by some dude in Scotford. The Scotford Skull Fuck is an off-the-wall role playing sex adventure technique in which one person (usually the hot broad with the big lips and a tight ass) dons a SCBA (Self-Contained-Breathing-Apparatus) mask, purposely neglecting to attach the regulator. The other player in this sex-romp strips down to his skivvies and proceeds to insert his member (dong, penis, strap on, dildo, horsecock) into the SCBA mask mouthpiece. A full on face-fuck ensues for the next 37 minutes, until one of the parties involved passes out from pure orgasmic enjoyment... or over exertion.

The wearer of the mask then must lick up the salty mess and do the dishes after.
Crash: Hey dood, you ever role play before?
Christian: Yeah man, my girl diggs it!
Crash: Well I Scotford Skull Fuckked your girl last night while diddling her clam, and she did my dished after!
Christian: Bastad.
by BezEhBeh1 October 04, 2010

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