A replacement adjective, noun, verb,adverb, pronoun,and subject can be used both postivily and/or negativily depending on ones intention.;universal filler
1. Saje's ideas are freakin Scote, she is a genius.

2. "Scote you, mother scoter!"

3. Rose is so Scote, that every boyfriend she has end up with crabs.
by Sarah Fuller(Saje) October 25, 2007
Top Definition
To terminate the life of a baby seal by violently and repeatedly bashing it on the head with a club.
1. I cannot wait to scote some helpless seals. It's going to be a total scote-fest.
2. Nothing gets me harder than a good old-fashioned scoting.

3. Teabag scoted the baby seal with evil relish, reveling in its agony as it slowly bled out.
by Neel89 March 21, 2011
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