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An alcohol beverage enjoyed in Northern Canada that consists of 1 oz. of Scotch, 12 oz. of Molson Canadian (or the like), bitters and lime. Order is important. The “serpent,” which is a term given by Scotch connoisseurs to the alcohol fumes locked in Scotch, should be released by a drop or two of distilled water before beer is added. This cocktail is served primarily to complement the live viewing of any number of recreation-level ice sports, such as hockey, curling or figure skating.

The drink’s name combines a colloquial curling expression given to a type shot delivered with excessive force and no outwardly discernable strategy other than to “let the chips fall where they may,” as well as a popular name of Scottish heritage.

A variant that uses rye and ice shavings instead of Scotch and water is referred to as a Zamboni Man.
"We were up by two in the ninth end when Andy put his brain in neutral and sent a scorcher into the house that left the other team lying two with a shot to the button for the win. He apologized and promised to buy Scorched Connellys all night long. We’re good."
by BelieveAnything January 20, 2014
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