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(1) noun. -used to describe the indescribable/inexplicable. ie:when the concept is understood but the means/will to explain are/is not apparent.
(2) verb. (to scooby/ie OR scoobied) -to carry out an action/task by any means necessary(us. non-violent)cheat,ojoro, an algorithm in which its steps are not fully retraceable.
ORIGIN: CAD Lecture Room LEW.COL(informal)
{this word is not yet approved by the english dictionary}
Word is very useful when CAD/IT related and somehow seems to add humor to quite boring/insipid situations.
EG:noun. (1)The SCOOBY/SCOOBIE neeeds to be arrayed around the circle in model-space.
(2)When drawing, you can left click the SCOOBY/SCOOBIE to show the grips to midify the object.
verb. (1)objects can often be SCOOBIED into one entity to save space when storing data.
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