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To be mortally or severely wounded by a sword of the scimitar breed. A good example was in the South Park episode Tom's Rhinoplasty,in which Kenny McCormick was impaled through the skull by a scimitar thrown by his substitute teacher.
Stan: Oh my God! They killed Kenny! Kyle: You bastards!
0TTR: *watching* SCIMITAR'D!
by 0niTTRay December 25, 2003

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One who is challenged in the arts of using a Scimitar, or one who cannot pronounce scimitar (Sim-ee-tar or Sim-uh-tar or sim-ih-tar).
Guy1: Onoeslolz I lawsted mai skimmy!
Guy2: Onoeslolz it'z in mah heeeeaddd!
Guy3: Scimitards...
by GOLDIFRICKINLOCKS January 05, 2008