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Official Definition: "The Ghostifferatorâ„¢ lets you contact the spirit world like you wanna contact it. A flik of th' switch lets ya change the who the where an the when instanlty. Now I dont garuntee that y'ull talk to anybody, speshul, but like how many dead folks is there? Like Hunderds, so you got a good chance a gettin somebody on the line purty quick."

A device that a guy named Leroy designed, built, and put up on Ebay for auction.

He claims the 'Scientifical Ghostifferator' may (or may not) allow the user to 'contact the dead'.

Leory is also somewhat infamous on Ebay due to his "Lucifer's Hotpocket" auction from December of 2004, which was almost as famous as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese.

Part of his schtick is intentional bad spelling, made up words, and really bad grammar. But, none of that seems to matter, because he has quite a following, and people bid on and purchase his obscure scam-type pieces.
"You must use yur invention only for the good of mankind and stray dawgs. An you will call this device a Scientifical Ghostiferator! An you will retain the services of a lawyur! and you will not eat of chicken meat and corn pone for ever an ever an Get a shower curtain whilst yer at it. And right then before it shut up, It said you must sell this invention on eBay cuz theys folk on there that will apprecify it proper-like. Bout that time, a curl of smoke come outta it and that creepy voice faded off in the distance like a fart in a breeze."
by Anonymous January 22, 2005
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