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1. A word which phonetically spells out the word "steak" as spoken by an accent of those originating from a Middle-Eastern, Indian or German background.
2. Can be said to fill in the awkward space where a word cannot be found during dialogue.
3. Can extend into words for comical effect such as "Mischtehhk" or "Schtehh Away!".
4. Appears frequently in a particular story of interest.
5. Is funny.
Def. 1 eg:
"Could I have some Schtehhk?" "Sorry, we don't sell that. Did you want a burger?" "No, you don't listen. Schtehhhk."

Def. 2 eg:
"Sometimes I just feel really close to be... Schtehhk..."

Def. 3 eg:
"Did you stay up late last night? That was a Misctehhhk!"
by Schtehhkman October 23, 2007

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