A word that is to be used only in the environs of an educational establishment, and not by pedestrians in everyday typical dialogue.

This phrase is used by and among the linguistically uninitiated, who see any word longer than eight letters and/or three syllables to be too complicated, or paraphrased, as per this definition, a "school word"
Philip: Good day, sir. I can see that you are intending to impersonate a rap artist.
J-weezy: Im...per-son-ait? That's a school word!
Philip: Umm... correction; that's a verb.
J-weezy: That be sounding like one of them school words. Y'all better make some sense before I knock the teeth outta youse!
Philip: Your statements are very intimidating, and I will be required to depart the premises for purposes of my own well-being.
J-weezy: (perplexed) I'll show ya yer well being!
(knocks Philip out)
by thatsaschoolword January 27, 2009

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