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v. to ejaculate. normally involving another objected being ejaculated on

n. an ugly and or disgusting object.
"I can't wait to go home and schnurr all over the keyboard.

"That Schnurr makes the schnurrabilty of my dick non-existent.
by T-nigz November 24, 2009
v. to awkwardly creep on a person of the opposite sex, no matter the situation. It may involve touching, talking to, or general acknowledgment of the person being creeped upon. Many times this action takes place in the presence of a significant other.
The word can also be used as a noun i.e. pulling a schnurr
1) "Dude, why'd you beat his ass?"
"Because he was schnurring my girl."

2)"Watch this, I'm about to totally schnurr this girl."
by pleasesaythefbaby99 November 15, 2008