A german derivative meaning quick or fast. Commonly used as a verb form: to get into a girls panties quickly.
Damn, that dude's such a pimp he schnellered her in two minutes.
by Watermilk April 06, 2005
Top Definition
A good thing to say when having a fun time with a member of the same sex. Usually indicates that you want your partner to increase his speed.
Homo 1: Do you like the massive arse pounding i'm giving you right now?

Homo2: Schneller!! Schneller!!

Homo1: As you wish.
by Times Tables Are Fun September 19, 2008
A German derivative meaning quick or fast. Commonly used as verb form: to bust a nut quickly.
Damn. that dude's such a pimp. It's too bad he schnellered on her after 2 seconds.
by biatchezzz June 10, 2005
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