Different from the word "snapper", "Schnapper" is a clueless or ignorant person lacking in common sense, and little idea of what is ever really going on.

Also known as a "clueless bastard".
"He didn't even know not mix his whites and colours when doing the laundry...what a Schnapper".

"Geez, my Dad's such a Schnapper, everytime I go out drinking he believes me when I say I've been at the movies".
by Bucketeer April 25, 2007
Top Definition
German word for a low priced buy of a normally higher priced article.
It's derived from 'Schnäppchen'.

Sometimes it's possible to make a 'Schnapper' in an Internet auction.
Mein neues Auto war ein echter Schnapper.

My new car was a good buy.
by YolYol August 17, 2007

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