A really weird, creepy man who has always one or two stray hairs, hates people with the initials... well, whatever, and eats people. Freak. A man who is really forty-nine but looks like he’s freaking eighty five. Typically from Indonesia. Also a gay dude, incase you didn't know (= He freaks the shit out of a ton of people.
"When is your birthday, Mr. Schaffer?"
"I dunno. I forgot."
by mmkaas915 March 11, 2009
Top Definition
When a male's scrotum becomes chaffed and sore.
Ran five miles today, total Schaffer on my balls!
by bellamy November 12, 2013
1. A name often used in reference, or in referring to someone who is, or acts like a pedophile.
"Did you see Skyler last night?"
"Yea, he was with his 14 year old girlfriend."
"Typical Schaffer."
by BARDFAHGer August 09, 2006
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