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A song from the fucking hilarious musical "Avenue Q". It's also a German word meaning happiness at the misfortune of others.
Nicky: Hmm...Schadenfruede, huh? What is that? Some kind of Nazi word?
Gary: Yep! It's German for "happiness at the misfortune of others"!
Nicky: Happiness at the misfortune of others...that is German!

Kyle: What is this feeling when you watch a Vegetarian eat chicken or a Frat boy realize just what he put his dick in?
Lize: Schadenfruede!
by Lize July 16, 2006

it is anything and everything.
it can be used in any sentence
it can be a noun, adj, verb, etc.
i'm schadenfruede.
and im not schadenfruede.
you are possibly schadenfruede.
and you are not schadenfruede.
i love to schadenfruede.
we can go schadenfruede.
i can do the schadenfruede.
i have schadenfruede.
schadenfruede to the 4th power!
oops, i schadenfrueded.
schadenfruede! where are my socks!?
ew. that was so schadenfruede of you.
sweet, you are so schadenfruede.
what the schadenfruede!?
who schadenfrueded?
by sfloverssss May 10, 2006
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