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An obnoxious teenager who listens to typically metal core and death core. Males are usually seen wearing there little sisters shirts, pants which there legs look like tooth picks and have a version of the old alex evans hair cut. Women usually wear tons of make up, have teased hair, and have absolutely no personality. Both genders lure in packs usually at the mall, or anywhere they can try to show off to other scene kids.
Typical wardrobe for both genders, anything thats colorful...
Harry: Lets listen to bring me the horizon!

Scene kid: Yea there so brootal, and oli sykes is like um, amazing

Harry: I was just joking, can you give back my little sister her shirt
by Crippledfreedom July 18, 2010
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Kids in the music scene. You see them hanging around local shows or the mall. They have volumized, choppy, layered hair with sidebangs. They are usually weraing tight pants, slim band Ts or deigner shirts. Sometimes you will see them wearing big glasses, glasses with no lenses, bandanas, necklaces with big icons on them, etc.
Those scene kids are so neat lookin'!
by xedgexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx April 05, 2010
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A useless preverted copy of what once may have been a punk rocker, hippie, new waver, goth, reggaeton, metalhead, or any other group of persons differing from the main stream. They are one, of a largly populaur group, of rich children who apparently do not fit in with ANYONE and become the way they are as a resualt to there "horrible lives" of starbucks and nice clothing. These kids are generally found cyber crying there eyes out on myspace because some 14 year old boy who hasn't hit puberty said that they only liked them as a friend, or gathering at large masses at Hot Topic to buy the expensive band t-shirts that cost 5$ to be made, but 30$ because they were baptised as Hot Topic merch.
Punk: Hey, do you want a puff of this stoogie and then we can go chill and listen to the Clash or Hendrix or something at my place?
Scene Kid: *takes hit and blows chunks* um who's the Clash? I'd rather listen to some real music like Escape the Fate or My Chemical Romance and draw red marks on my arms so it looks like I cut myself.
by Silly Tipsy Hippie Tripster August 30, 2009
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A "Scene Kid" is like any other trend or style, completely self-righteous and self-adoring. As far as to the actual trend, scene kids fashion and music choice is various in type. It is common for the "scene kids" to take a trend or genre and twist it or make it "br00tal". So scene doesn't come down to a singularity but more of a collective, as it is actually a center of a vast number of sub-trends.

Most people assume (including myself) that scene kids are rich faggots who have an elitist attitude, but in reality you will find that in any person in any genre or clique. The retarded people who live on Myspace, brag about how many shows they've been to, and how hot they are.. are everywhere! Whether you are a gangster, prep, punk, goth, or indie.. there will always be fags who think they are better. I like to refer to these people as Jews.

This brings me to my next point. Jews and Scene. Intertwined. You see it all coming together now?
We shouldn't be blaming "Scene Kids", they are just trendy kids having fun. We should be blaming the damn Jews! They are the ones with money, only allowing ones that are just like them in their inner circles. They are the ones who smirk at the other kids when a band "breaksdown" for Jesus. They hate mainstream because everyone hates them, they need a reason to hate everyone else. They say they are "hott" because they feel self-contentious about their nose jobs. Yea, they've been to all the shows... because they want to fit in. We have found the real coulprit and it lurks in every corner of the world. We must bring them down in any possible way, wether it be grinding on them during a windmill or acquiring a taste for Rammstein, we must strike!
Scene Kid: Vampire Weekend is good.... and I really like Enya too.

Other Scene Kid: Oh cool man, not my taste but they are talented.

Jew: What the FUCK GUYS?? You guys aren't scene anymore!
by Niggers on the run July 06, 2009
9 10
Basically a hybrid between a prep and an emo kid. In many urban areas being a scene kid is someone's way of being able to be a little different while still being cool with the popular preppies. Scene kids attire includes tight, neon colored pants, punk and metalcore band T shirts, and hoodies from Hollister or an alike brand that are obviously too small to fit them. Depending on where you live, Scene kids can either be extremley nice or complete jerks. Many scene kids are obsessed with random, child cartoon figures such as HelloKitty or The Rugrats. Scene Kids are usually not liked very well by other group such as Metalheads, Gangsters and Stoners. Scene kids will often not refer to themselves as "Scene" especially when called that by an outsider. They will refer to themselves as some random name they've made up from hip-hop slang. Such as "Bro kids" or "Hustla Groupas".
Scene kids usually listen to Metalcore, Electrocore, Deathcore, Punk, Hardcore and Alernative Rock. Scene kids DO NOT listen to Metal. Many scene kids see Metalheads as ignorant and jerks and yet they're constantly trying to copy their music and make it sound a bit more punkish.
Scene kid 1: Hey d00d lets go ask that Metalhead if he has any Bring me the Horizon on his Mp3!"
Scene kid 2: "K lol dude my pants are so tight I can't feel my balls anymore."
by Death Metal Commando June 18, 2009
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The worst people in the known universe, including Nazis and Stalinists.
History Teacher: "To some up, Hitler may have been a bad, but at least he didn't have big fucking glasses and a six year-old's T-shirt. Like those scene kids"
by raisinbum May 05, 2009
6 7
A teenager who dress in a very interesting and colourful way to cover their wafer thin personality
This scene kid's page seems to constist of: copy and pasted slogans, pictures of himself at different angles, and incoherent typing.
by marshal claw April 10, 2009
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